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Collaborate with The Social Effect.


Content Is King And Queen And
The Whole Darn Kingdom, Actually!

  • Research: We get to know your market and your audience.
  • Set goals: We author KPIs together. Create content: We plan what we’re going to say, when, how, with which keywords, on which channels, at what times, etc.
  • Schedule & post: We schedule curated content and we organically post real-time content.
  • Engage 24/7: We monitor and respond to user-generated content – comments, feedback, conversations – as it happens in your brand voice.
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Pushing Isn’t Profitable

Social media is a game changer. It’s also a cluttered space where hundreds of thousands of brands are vying for attention every second. They often do this by pushing content. Push. Push. Push. This, for the record, is a very poor strategy.

The secret is to engage – authentically, smartly, conveniently. You want your brand to be your customers’ friend. When you get there, it’s genius. To get there, you need to earn trust.

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We love numbers, pie charts, and
most of all ROI

Customized reports weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly show you:

  • Social Channels: Likes, shares, tweets,retweets, clicks, views on Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Vine
  • Blogs: Views and shares
  • Budgets: How much you’re spending vs. ROI by channel
  • Influencers: How much you’re spending vs ROI per influencer
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The Art of Influence