Every dollar spent on influencer marketing gives you up to $15 back

(Don’t invade, intrude or push your ads. Connect with your consumers ON THEIR TERMS.)

Benefits Of Influence Marketing With Us

Aside from a full social calendar, and being a true thought leader, your brand can
amass a network of faithful ambassadors who champion your message.


Improved brand awareness

Every opportunity you have to share your content is an opportunity to increase your visibility and value. Which in turn gives you an alternative platform to voice your brand’s content. Thus, making your brand recognizable and familiar on the world stage, a trusted name in a theatre of many.

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Growth in brand loyalty

In an age when excess in variety is the norm, how does one set themselves apart? Developing consumer loyalty and trust is key to fostering a long-term relationship. What better way to develop and encourage this trust than with an influencer/ambassador that truly connects to them, on a personal level.

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Opportunities to convert

No post on a social media platform is done in vain. The Social Effect has the ability to reach millions, in a targeted sphere, designed to not only reaffirm loyalty, rather reshape an audience’s impressions. Every image, tweet, post, comment or video is an opportunity to educate a new potential follower, consumer, fan, and market.

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Stimulate conversation

Social networking is the modern form of dialogue. It’s how we interact, socialize and it is how we have come to feel that we belong. Brands too, have a place in this digital coffee shop, where they can humanize and interact with the public on a social media channel, not as a product on a shelf, but as peer. It’s a forum that allows people to do business with people, rather than with a company.

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Influencers Are Your Customers’
Friends. They Are Their Heroes,
Crushes And Mentors Too.

When you engage in a social sphere using the power of influencers– key people in niche communities whose opinions matter to your target audience – brand awareness and loyalty exponentially grows. It’s like positive, targeted and welcomed peer pressure. Everyone likes to do what the popular kids are doing.

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Sweet Ego Caressing Starts Now

Our wholistic approach to social media marketing is a gamechanger. It’s also going to stroke
your brand’s ego a lot. But not in a fluffy way; in an you-earned-this-ego-boost way.

We love numbers, pie charts, and most of all ROI

Customized reports weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly show you

  • Social Channels: Likes, shares, tweets,retweets, clicks, views on Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Vine
  • Blogs: Views and shares
  • Budgets: How much you’re spending vs. ROI by channel
  • Influencers: How much you’re spending vs ROI per influencer

Answer To Your Questions

We review the data and then we ask a LOT of questions.
Not unlike a 2-year-old, but a little less annoying

Our primary query: WHY?

We uncover trends, patterns, and solid, dependable answers to our questions.

Then we tweak, massage, or flip social strategies to make the numbers work best for your brand.

Social media is not an exact science. It’s a constantly moving, changing, organic machine

You’ve got to roll with the punches. And stay on your toes.