How do you maximize this opportunity

Collaborate with the social effect

Our Three Step Process

Our strategy is detailed so your content can be laser-focused. Here’s how we roll it out:

  • Research: We get to know your market and your audience.
  • Set goals: We author KPIs together. Create content: We plan what we’re going to say, when, how, with which keywords, on which channels,at what times, etc.
  • Schedule & post: We schedule curated content and we organically post real-time content.
  • Engage 24/7: We monitor and respond to user-generated content – comments, feedback, conversations – as it happens in your brand voice.

Pushing Isn’t Profitable.

Social media is a game changer. It’s also a cluttered space where hundreds of thousands of brands are vying for attention every second. They often do this by pushing content. Push. Push. Push. This, for the record, is a very poor strategy.

The secret is to engage – authentically, smartly, conveniently. You want your brand to be your customers’ friend. When you get there, it’s genius. To get there, you need to earn trust.

Your ideal customers already trust influencers.

Access A Library Of Influencers

This isn’t like a community library with only the crappy books and limited selection. This is The library. Think the New
York Public Library. But global, almost 35,000 influencers and growing. Whatever your niche market, whatever your industry,
whatever your target audience – we know influencers who can get you to where you’re going.

Here are just a few of our fan favourites

We love numbers, pie charts, and most of all ROI

Customized reports weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly show you

  • Social Channels: Likes, shares, tweets,retweets, clicks, views on Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Vine
  • Blogs: Views and shares
  • Budgets: How much you’re spending vs. ROI by channel
  • Influencers: How much you’re spending vs ROI per influencer

Answer To Your Questions

We review the data and then we ask a LOT of questions.
Not unlike a 2-year-old, but a little less annoying

Our primary query: WHY?

We uncover trends, patterns, and solid, dependable answers to our questions.

Then we tweak, massage, or flip social strategies to make the numbers work best for your brand.

Social media is not an exact science. It’s a constantly moving, changing, organic machine

You’ve got to roll with the punches. And stay on your toes.